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The Sadducees

Few groups of history are more enigmatic than the Sadducees.    

Throughout the Bible they are variously depicted as wicked and evil.
They are depicted as being the wealthy ruling families who controlled the High Priesthood during the time of Jesus. And therefore, they are variously “the Jews” referred to in venomous tone throughout the gospels as being responsible for his execution.    

Their name in Hebrew was tsedduqim, a name they chose to indicate that they claimed to followers of the teachings of the High Priest Zadok, who anointed Solomon king during the First Temple era.
However, Rabbinic (Pharisee) tradition suggests that they were not named after the High Priest Zadok, but rather another Zadok (who may still have been a priest), who rebelled against the teachings of Antigonus of Soko, a government official of Judea in the 3rd century BCE and a predecessor of the Rabbinic tradition.
Yet the Sadducees were famous for denying the salvation of the human soul, in their obsession in the pleasures of life, power and sex and in black magic.
As a result, many scholars believe the claim of the Sadducees being followers of Zadok are false and refer to their following “some other” teacher who falsely claimed themselves to be a Zadok.
But if this is not controversial enough, the Sadducees, like the Essenes are reputed to have considered the Bible largely a Persian fabrication, a myth sold to “the sheep”.
For in the eyes of the elite Sadduceean families, their Jewish subjects were mere sheep, like any other animals to be owned, controlled and compliant.    

Sadducees rejected the existence of an afterlife, thus denied the Pharisaic doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead.
The Sadducees were pro-Greek, aristocratic priests, whose interests were centered in the temple and the cultic rites. Their name was probably derived from Zadok, the famous priest of the time of David and Solomon (II Sam. 8:17;. 15:24; I Kings 1:34).
Because the offices of high priest and governor were combined, the Sadducees tended to be deeply involved in high-level politics. Politically, they were committed to independence and to the concept of the theocratic state, as were most Jews.
Although they were opposed to foreign domination, they did not object to the introduction of foreign elements into Jewish life. Like the Pharisees, they stressed the importance of observance of the Torah, but they rejected the authority of oral tradition.    

When confronted by situations not covered in the Torah, they enacted new laws. They rejected the Pharisaic doctrine of a resurrection and a future life and held to the older Jewish belief in Sheol. Nor did they accept the belief in angels.
Then, there is the enigmatic situation that the bloodlines of the ancient kings of Israel are by definition Sadducees. That in coming from the “line of David”, the father of Jesus was a crown prince and therefore an elder of the Sadducees.
However, the only historical evidence of the bloodline of the line of David surviving the massacre by the Persians around 590's ending the reign of Zedekiah, is in Princess Tamar's rescue by Jeremiah along with Baruch and the Stone of Destiny, the Ark of Akhenaten and the standard colors of the Lion of Judah to the ancient home of kings, Ireland.     

It means if Jesus was truly of the royal bloodline of the House of David, then his family must have come from the descendents of Ireland, not some poor village in the Middle East. It also means, his father would have to had been a crown prince and carry a clearly identifiable title like Ha Rama Theo (His Divine Highness).    

Yet another story appeared much later around 100 to 50 BCE claiming a second royal bloodline of King Zedekiah magically "escaped" from the Persians under the directorship of a mythical figure called Ishmael. Even though the story has no historic credibility, it remains preferred over the numerous provable elements concerning the survival of the Line of David and Ireland.       

Then there are the confusion claims by the successors to the Pharisees, the Rabbinical Jews who claim the Sadducees were merely a group formed around the 2nd Century BCE. Controversially, this point is supported by Christian scholars without much contest.
Finally, there is the seeming complete absence, willing acknowledgment of the black magic pedigree of the Sadducees. Their religious “wickedness” is reduced to absurd trivial events, such as spilling water the wrong way, as if sneezing accidentally was a cause to go to war.
Unfortunately for most Christians and Jews today, this line of antagonism between the sects being based on pedantry, on matters of a supremely superficial nature is what most believe.
Few people can even make the direct and logical connection between black magic, the symbols of Solomon and David in satanic worship and the Sadducees.
Why? Why are these facts hushed up and never spoken? What is so terrible that two religions have worked long and hard together to reduce as much history as possible from public view, even when the Bible is littered with clues?

-----  The Mother Goddess  -----

It is well recognized historical record that in 722 BCE, the Assyrians, under Shalmaneser, and then under Sargon, conquered Israel (the northern Kingdom), destroyed its capital Samaria, and sent many of the Israelites into exile and captivity.    

What is less well known is that the Israelites themselves, being descendents of Ugarit and of Ebla were themselves closely related to the royal and priest families of the old Assyrian kingdoms and the most ancient priests of history, the Priest Kings, the "feara cuileann" (Holy Ones) of Ireland.    

In the days of the great patriarchs of the first western civilizations, the great cities of Ebla and Mari were arch enemies. Mari was an ancient city in Syria situated at the modern locality of Tell Hariri, on the western bank of Euphrates river, some 120 km southeast of Dayr az-Zawr, Syria.    

The Eblates were followers of El, were dedicated to knowledge, to wider cosmology and abhorred animal and human sacrifices.    

In contrast, the followers of Mari worshipped Dagan the God of life, storms and fertility and Ishtar, The Queen of the Heavens and goddess of love, power.    

When the Marites conquered and populated Ebla and later Ugarit, they established these gods who later came to be known as Baal and Ashtar (Baachus and Aphrodyte for the Greeks/Romans).    

Both at the excavations of Ugarit and Mari, as well as other ruins of temples to these prototype gods, there is evidence that terrible rituals of mass sexual and wine orgies accompanied by human sacrifice were practiced.    
This might account for the disgust of the priest king lines of Pharaoh Akhenaten (“Moses”) towards the worship of Baal, given such worship would have certainly involved these debasing fertility/power rituals.    

The word evil comes from the modification of the word ubil, itself a derivation of Baal. Similarly, the word Satan, Hebrew for adversary is a derivation of the ancient god Dagan the prototype of the same god Baal.    

The history of the connection of Ireland, Ibbi-Éri “Land of Ibbi” later called Ibiru, Habiru, Iberni, Hiberni and Ériu is virtually non-existent. Thanks to countless waves of systematic Christian destruction very little of the pre-christian culture of Ireland has survived .    

Yet circumstantial evidence still abounds to suggest that Ireland, not Jerusalem was the spiritual home of the most ancient of "hebrew" Sadduccee bloodlines.      

This is consistent with the strong evidence to suggest that the Sadducee descendents of the priest-kings were at war with themselves between much older bloodlines and higher worship and "pretenders" from Syria and the practice of wicked secret rituals.    

The Song of Songs and other texts attributed to Solomon show clear signs of worship of Ashtoreth (Goddess of Love, War and Power) including references to maidens of the temple. It can be fairly certain then that with such references were accompanied the ancient rituals of wine fuelled temple orgies and human sacrifice.    

The Akkadians themselves worshipped Ishtar and probably child/human sacrifice and the same ceremonies.    
Given these connections, it is more likely that the Israelite leaders who were practitioners of the secret rituals of Baal and human sacrifice, black magic and orgies remained in positions of authority, while those opposed to such practices were either killed, taken prisoner or exiled.    

What is clear from both the historic timelines, cultural interaction and carefully crafted references in various religious texts, a large number of the ruling class of Sadducees even up to the time of Jesus were still practicing the ancient fertility rituals of sexual orgies, wine consumption and human sacrifice in and around religious venues.    

Biblical references have been significantly altered so that it is virtually impossible to determine precisely whether some passages are referring to such practices, but evidence surrounding even the Maccabeans themselves intimate that such rituals may have even been reintroduced as late as 140 BCE.    

For most people today, such practices are supposed to be more associated with corrupt Roman Emperors. In truth, this is a deliberate Christian myth as most Roman leaders prior to the advent of Christianity were strict adherents to a personal philosophy of stoicism and self-restraint, respect, tolerance and love of life.    

An excellent example of this philosophy is the writings of Emperor Marcus Aurelius who considered Christians the epitome of evil. It was this inner strength and discipline that enabled the Romans to maintain such a diverse Empire for a thousand years.    

In parallel, there is strong evidence of the secret mystery cults of Bacchus (modification of the name Baal) thrived amongst the elite of Greek and Roman cities and there are many historic references deploring their ceremonies, while careful never to be too explicit as to just how awful they were.    

In contrast, it is clear that the Pharisee, the creators of the Old Testament as we see it today, considered these practices to be the epitome of evil. Indeed, such practices are literally the root of the meaning of the word evil. It is not surprising then that Rabbinical Judaism was methodical in attempting to detach itself from such practices.    

However, even up to the Middle Ages, mythology still persisted about “wicked acts” that “Jews” would do to small children if they were ever caught, culminating in the fairy tale of the witch in the enchanted forest.    

Such references indicate that secret worship of Baal/Satan and the Mother Goddess Cybele including sexual orgies, drug consumption and human sacrifice must have persisted to some degree.

Why? Why are these facts hushed up and never spoken? What is so terrible that two religions have worked long and hard together to reduce as much history as possible from public view, even when the Bible is littered with clues?

-----  Human sacrifice and cannibalism  -----

We are taught that even as recent as 5,000 years ago, human beings living in Western Europe were trying to continue their traditional "hunter gatherer" lifestyle developed during the Ice Age as less and less big animals were around. People lived in small groups and through necessity started to learn how to farm and eventually domesticated animals.    

It all makes sense until you encounter Neolithic monuments like Stonehenge in Salisbury England and NewGrange Temple of the Brú na Bóinne complex in the valley of the River Boyne in County Meath, Ireland.    
In terms of NewGrange, it is estimated the Temple mound dates to at least 2900 years BCE, or over 5,000 years old. In terms of Stonehenge, the original site is at least 8,000 years old with the main parts of the great stone circle dating from 2600 BCE to 2100 BCE.    

But what is even astonishing is the number of person years it would have taken to create, let alone the numerous Neolithic sacred sites. NewGrange itself is estimated to have involved between 6,000 and 10,000 person years, while Stonehenge is estimated to have involved at least three times that amount of human horsepower.    

Now, ordinarily if you were talking about established river delta agriculture societies such as Mesopotamia, Northern Syria or Egypt at this time, then enough people existed to conceive of such potential workforces. But in Ireland, the total population 5,000 years ago was estimated to be no more than 10,000 to 20,000 meaning virtually every person would conceivably have had to work most of the year for many years on these ancient monuments. It doesn't add up.    

The end of the last great Ice Age happened slowly and at different rates across the globe. 8,000 years to 6,000 years ago, the whole of the Middle East, Northern Africa and South Eastern Europe were fertile lands, rich river deltas offering reliable water flows and an abundance of food. In contrast, Northern Europe still remained covered in snow and ice for much of the year, while the ice bridges between Ireland to Britain and Britain to France finally fell under the rising seas.    

Then, from around 6,000 years ago the climate change for the hunter gatherer tribes of Northern Europe began to accelerate rapidly. The great herds of animals began to die off. For the populations of humans cut off living on Ireland and Britain, the change was even faster.    

These were tribes who lived in small nomadic communities, chasing the animals. They had no real need for great numbers of possessions. They lived and hunted by the cycle of the moon. They were certainly not farmers.    

Nowhere else in Northern Europe than in Ireland did the dramatic changes of life and death, the old ways and the struggle for survival play out as greatly. Ireland was the test bed of what was to potentially become the destiny of all of Northern Europe.    

In the case of Ireland, a land, once connected to Britain that supported a nomadic hunter gatherer population of up to 30,000 around 6,000 years ago suddenly and quickly ran out of animals and even small animals.    

Inevitably starvation, war, and cannibalism became rife. Within a few short years, the population had plummeted to less than 10,000 and life had become short, brutal and uncertain.    

Facing starvation, the ancient former hunter gatherer tribes of Ireland ate anything they could find. This included many herbs, shrubs and trees that had halluciogenic "magical" properties.    

The Holly Tree (cuilieann) is of particular importance. For not only did its mildly poisonous berries and leaves become a powerful source for magical dreams and deep spiritual insight, it also became quickly associated with one particular class of people, or "holy" people.    

These early magicians, the first druids of humanity, the cuilieann, were able to rise above the hell and crisis of death and unite the dying people of Ireland. They became the world's first    

In our world today, anything that expands your mind has been made largely illegal. In part, because unaided, such substances can cause psychotic episodes but in most cases, it allows people to pull themselves out to see the world more clearly- a very dangerous thing to do in our well organized society.    

But to Neolithic man, with no civilization, with but a deep history of season and cycle, the wild dreams brought on by these natural substances was a much needed revelation. It sparked a deeper quest of understanding. It gave birth to religion.    

The Holly Tree became a living symbol of their power and their magic. And it became forbidden for any person to touch their sacred plants under penalty of death. They became the "Divine Holy Ones", the “Divine Holly Spirits”.    

Contrary to the narrow minded and ill-informed histories thrown at us today, getting off the Island and finding other sources of food and trade became a matter of life and death for the small Irish population.    

Put another way- if the Irish were the savage barbarians that even the most educated History books claim, then they would have all died of starvation, war and cannibalism at least by 4,000 BCE making NewGrange and all the other monuments impossible.    

It should be obvious from the history of the Irish that they have never been the world's greatest farmers, nor were they over 6,000 years ago. But necessity forced this small band of people to unite and to take risks and the Priest Kings, the Feara Cualaan, the Holy Men gave them strength in a new model and cosmos of religion.    
Next door in Britain, conditions were starting to become as bad as Ireland, yet without any clear leadership. The British tribes, desperate to appease the old gods of nature undertook regular human sacrifice as well as active cannibalism.    

The Irish explorers on primitive rafts pushed further East until they reached Spain. It was at Spain then that the Irish discovered other tribes, animals and future trade partners.    

But what could the Irish first offer as trade in exchange for food?    

Unlike our materialistic world, Neolithic man had no time for great personal possessions. Life was the seasons, the herds, the tribe, the travel from place to place.    

So to the very first priest kings and the united Neolithic Irish under the first religious beliefs of the world, they couldn't very well trade pots and pans for food. Instead, they possessed something infinitely more powerful than all the gold in the world- spiritual wisdom.    

Even today, when you read ancient translated texts that talk of treasure, our minds instantly think of material wealth, for this is what we crave above all other things. But to the neolithic tribes that the Irish first encountered, their spiritual wisdom and concept of organized society was a gift from gods- a saving from the rapidly degrading world during the end of the former life of the hunter gatherers.    

Religion, spiritual wisdom was the first export of Ireland and it not only saved the Irish, it saved the Neolithic world. Instead of wisdom coming to Ireland, it was the Irish that exported wisdom to the rest of the world, over 6,000 years ago.    

Historians in their infinite wisdom place the gold rush of Ireland (if they ever mention it) around 2,000 BCE or later. The basis of these assumptions is at best tenuous and usually driven by underlying prejudice and poor forensic skills.    

While the now united Irish colony had given birth to civilization beyond their shores, they still needed to survive. They needed to trade something of continued value in order to obtain food. What they discovered was a fascination by other tribes in the power of gold as a symbol of religious worship, given its association to the first priests, the bloodline of druids.    

Many people would not know this but the earliest gold artifacts of Europe are Irish. It was the Irish craftsmen that first fashioned gold objects and these objects have been found throughout Europe.    

For the ancient civilizations of Southern Europe, life and death struggle to find any edible food was less a concern. In those days, Spain was a fertile land full of fruits, plants and animals.    

In reporting back to the Druid Priest Kings, the Feara Cualaan (the ancestors of the Cuilleain) ordered the population to develop crafts and skills at mining the gold and fashioning objects with which to trade for food.    
The decision not to attempt large farming, but to trade paid off. The Irish survived through trade and not only thrived but rapidly began to develop a sophisticated society, language and cosmology. By about 3300 BCE the population had grown back to around 15,000 along with slaves captured from Britain and brought back to work the mines.    

It also gave the Druid Priest Kings time to develop their emerging religion and to plan the evolution of their culture. With such social cohesion, plenty of food and wealth, the Druid Kings, the Feara Cualaan commissioned great tombs and even commissioned a massive sacred temple (NewGrange). But their greatest feat was still to come.    

Around 8000 BCE 6000 BCE, there were probably more than 100,000 to 140,000 hunter gatherer people still living in Britain before the land bridge finally sank under the rising seas. But by about 3300 BCE, the population had plummeted to less than 30,000 through starvation, war, cannibalism and human sacrifice.    

The Britains had gone through some similar challenges as the Irish, although in a less dramatic and slower pace, including the creation of new collective religious practices, to try and appease the gods of nature.    

Stonehenge, north of Salisbury had become one of the major centres of this new religion, based around human sacrifice, cannibalism and frenzy. To the Druid Priest Kings, the time was approaching to come to Britain and save the soul of the population.    

The Irish weapons were made of the natural bronze that existed in the central and southern regions of Ireland. In contrast the Britains still used stone head spears, no match for bronze.    

Bronze is any alloy that is 85-95% copper, with the other 5-15% made up of mainly of tin or arsenic, though other metals can be present in small amounts. It turns out that this range of chemistry produces an alloy that is harder than copper even though it melts at a lower temperature.    

As the wealth of the Irish through trade increased, they invaded around 3200 BCE to 3100 BCE and immediately set about ending the cult of human sacrifice and cannibalism.    

At the sites of ancient human sacrifice they destroyed the old rings and structures and set about building new ones to both the Sun and the Moon. The most important was Stonehenge at the centre of Britain- its earth navel.    

But it wasn't until the second minerals rush of Ireland, the great boom of natural Bronze that the Druid Priest Kings, the Holy Ones had enough food, resources and wealth to fund one of the most ambitious engineering feat of ancient European history - the stone circles of Stonehenge.    

How do you try and stop a culture of great superstition and pessimism that sees human sacrifice, cannibalism, murder and rape as acceptable and part of the new cycle of life and death for former hunter gatherers?    

Firstly, as a willing workforce as miners they could double even quadruple the production capacity of both British mines and Irish mines under the guidance of the Druid Priest Kings thus enabling an increased trade in food and goods. In turn food and goods meant less pressure on scavenging, starvation and poor subsistence farming. In turn the people could also be put to work on massive works of social importance, such as Stonehenge.    

The plan was both simple and brilliant and within a few years it both stabilized the population of Britain in the South so that a massive workforce of over 20,000 was available to commence the construction of Stonehenge.    

Apart from the political and social purpose of Stonehenge, which was and still is its lasting legacy (for it remains one of the proudest monuments of English/Irish hertage), it was also a fully functioning solar and lunar calendar.    

Contrary, to some poor historical claims, it was never a temple for human sacrifice, although in defiance and contempt for the religion and spirit of the Priest Kings (the Cuilleain), people have been sacrificed there from time to time over the ages. Instead, it was a lasting monument to a new covenant between the gods of nature and the universe and the people of Britain    

The second purpose for Stonehenge, beyond politics and social change was to build a fully functioning astrological calendar, with particular precision at solar and lunar events. In recent years, there has been a concerted "backlash" from Western christian historians against this theory, for fear of its implication.    

That the Holy Ones did possess accurate and considered knowledge of the heavens and that they did create precise stone observatories for these events.    

The third purpose for Stonehenge coincides with the second major purpose (astrological) and relates to visual impact. Human beings are literal animals. Bright lights, big structures and other visual phenomena have always fascinated us. To the ancient Britons there was simply no other more visually graphic demonstration of the Divine power of the Cualaan, the Merlins than witnessing at the heelstone, the rays of the Sun and Moon at different periods illuminating this grand edifice.    

It is the whole purpose of the heelstone. The visual effects only work from certain angles. It also provided a massive marker between where the people could go no further and the sacred temple interior.    

Even today, millions of people each year still flock to view the Stonehenge in awe. Imagine then for a former human sacrificer witnessing at the heelstone the visual show of light. It is why the druid religion survived for so long in Britain.    

While many historians like to claim one or another culture as the first, the honor of the first Priest Kings, the first magicians, the first wizards, the first Holy Ones goes to the Cualaan of Ireland, who saved their people from certain death by harnessing the power of drug induced visions from the Holly Tree and in the process created the first true wisdom religion on planet Earth.    

The history then of the denigration of the memory of the druids, the terrible lies claiming it to be a new religion mimic the terrible destruction and lies associated with the history of Ireland itself and the lingering effect of war with those who seek to perpetuate human sacrifice and darkness.    

For what was unleashed over 8,000 years ago was a war- a war between good and evil amongst human beings- a war between people dedicated to seeking enlightenment and helping fellow human beings and those obsessed in sacrifice, in blood rituals and controlling power and knowledge.    

This war continues today.

-----  The short path and long path  -----

One of the great problems that modern individuals have concerning satanic rituals and such evil as mass orgies and human sacrifice followed by blood drinking and cannibalism is how rational people, let alone individuals who claim to be spiritual leaders could even be involved in such evil?    

The answer, like the very existence of satanic rituals may shock many. For in human history it has always been known by the ancient mystics that but two paths to spiritual enlightenment and divine inspiration exist- the “short” path and the “long” path.    

The long path is the journey we most often associated with great and holy people, it is the path of self denial, of long struggle, of self discipline, of constant prayer, of compassion and elimination of all thought and action that may harm or seek to harm others.    

This is also the journey, we typically associate with the saint, and/or the holy mystic such as the Buddha.    

Then there is the short path. The short path has nothing to do with self denial, with self restraint or with respect of others or even prayer.    

It is the absolute focus of power, of control, of unleashed pleasure and ultimately the physiological ecstasy of ritually killing another living thing and consuming its life force. For at that moment, it is as if such participants can see, touch and understand the divine wisdom of the cosmos, the meaning of our lives, the inspiration of the gods themselves.    

Of course to people who have never participated in such barabaric acts of evil, the notion that in doing evil a person may find the divine inspiration of God is both profoundly disturbing and seemingly absurd. For surely the universe could not be so twisted as to allow such a “short” path to exist!    

Yet it does exist and it is one of the reasons why many participants and practitioners of such evil were and are still so addicted to it and enamoured by it. For it as if a secret passage, a fast track method of divine inspiration exists by participating in doing the very things that all spiritually aligned texts, preachers and religions have condemned for millennia.    

How could this be? Surely this is a terrible falsehood? If only it was, the world would be a simpler place. But for some reason the human condition is unique. We are a living contradiction- in one sense capable of such beauty and spirit and in another of great evil and wickedness and yet another as a mere animal.    

Again the ancient practitioners of black magic from Syria and Palestine, the forefathers of the Israelites and the ancient ancestors in Ugarit had a much clearer cosmology of the human history that most “spiritual” theologies.    

For they understood our birth to be one of enslavement to higher living beings themselves banished to Earth for their wickedness. They are our real fathers and mothers and even I their death as arch-demons the Satanists believed them to be the only practical gods.    

For they believed the human race was cursed by these evil alien lifeforms, these arch demon spirits who infused their own evil upon our pure and divine spiritual soul thereby creating a cosmological paradox, a prison of mind from which we might never escape.    

Every time then that a human being seeks to reach great divine enlightenment, this false spirit, this counterfeit soul will mask and deceive. The harder one tries, the greater this counterfeit spirit prevails.    

Today, we know this counterfeit spirit as ego, but to the very ancients, this mask of deeper spiritual enlightenment was seen as a direct curse from the gods. To the Satanists then, it was all the more a sign of the futility in fighting against the nature of our creators.    

The Satanists upon understanding the power of the “short” path to spiritual enlightenment saw this seeming miraculous avenue for divine inspiration as further reinforcement of the desire of the gods that their blood sacrifices should continue.    

Yet as time has progressed, these deeper understandings even amongst the oldest and most powerful Satanists still functioning across the planet have been lost. Instead, the rituals have become more concerning the pleasure and power associated with them.    

But to the Sadducees who performed in such rituals, the ancient mystical understandings were still present.    

However since then, these secret rituals of satanic worship, of murder and cannibalism have not lost their power. For under the guise of duplicity- of appearing outwardly holy, but inwardly evil, these rituals have become supremely powerful events for ensuring absolute loyalty amongst people who have been introduced.    
The power of the deception itself in performing these rituals has become just as attractive to those who still perform such acts, regardless of their lack of knowledge of the "short" path, or the deeper meaning of what they perform.    

Given that few of the wealthy and powerful men thousands of years ago would ever consider the Essene “long” path of self denial and struggle, their ancient understanding of their forefathers “short” path would have been overwhelmingly attractive.    

To a lesser extent, the world is suffering from the same “short” path to pleasure addiction that the Satanists have always had- an addiction to the spiritual buzz that comes from complete selfishness, drug consumption and poor behaviour.

-----  Jeremiah and the Persians  -----

Two of the greatest religious figures of Judaism are Jeremiah and Baruch.    

Unlike many of the people mentioned before them in the Old Testament, we know with certainty that they were real people having been released by the Babylonians and charged with some kind of official duties with some kind of time limit around the end of the 7th Century BCE.    

We also know that a number of other people were also handed to his charge, including a man by the name of Baruch son of Neriah who was the scribe to the prophet Jeremiah. Baruch's full name must have been Berekhyahu. He was the son of Hilkiah, a priest of Anathoth.    

What is not well known, nor clear from the Bible itself is that Jeremiah clearly lived under the reign of one of the wisest of ancient kings- Nebuchadnezzar. In fact, the Bible is positively schizophrenic in its dealings with the Persians.    

On the one hand they are despised as an evil race and cursed by the Jews, and yet on the other hand they fully funded the restoration of the temple and also seemed to have given great authority and funding to Jeremiah and later to the authority of Nehemiah and Ezra on some religious task to curb evil practices.    

Jeremiah’s writings are collected in the Book of Jeremiah and, according to tradition, the Book of Lamentations. Jeremiah is also famous as "the broken-hearted prophet" (who wrote or dictated a "broken book", which has been difficult for scholars to put into chronological order), whose heart-rending life, and true prophecies of dire warning went largely-unheeded by the people of Judah. God told Jeremiah, "You will go to them; but for their part, they will not listen to you".    

What is even less well understood is that three of the books of the Bible that we now call the Torah, or the five Books of Moses only really appear in reference to the time of Jeremiah.    

In fact it appears around the end of the 7th Century that he was sent on a mission with these books already produced!    

Now given the Pharisees are positively fanatical about claiming the antiquity of the Bible and the authenticity of the stories as being historical fact, it makes sense why they claimed, as their descendents, the Rabbinical Jews do today that they are the oldest sect and the Sadducees were younger.    

For if Jeremiah and Baruch are the architects of the Five Books of Moses and not Moses. Indeed, if these books are more a set of parables designed to curb evil behaviour and less about historical fact, then the claims by the Pharisees and even by the Paul of Tarsas who founded Christianity are terrible lies.    

The Pharisees, from which the Rabbinical school and modern Judaism sprung has spent two millennia painting the Pharisees as the oldest of the classic three sects (Essenes, Sadducees and Pharisees).    

To protect their scholars and the sacred texts they constructed around 610 BCE to 410 BCE, they are at pains to depict the Pharisee movement as the oldest of the three, therefore rendering any clear understanding of the motives and/or historic fact of Sadducean and Essene criticisms of Pharisees as having any validity.    

The truth is the opposite. The Pharisees are by far the youngest of the three sects, but the most zealous in safeguarding its history, even at the expense of constant re-writing of history and elimination of contrary evidence.    

Why then did Jeremiah and the Persian King feel it necessary to create a new religion based on the historic stories of the Israelites from Ugarit and Ebla combined with Zoroastrianism? What terrible secret has been hidden from history from all these years? What happened to Jeremiah and Baruch?    

There are two stories- one fable like that is considered largely myth and one which includes historical artefacts still viewable today and with an actual tomb of Jeremiah.    

The first, the myth says that upon the execution of all the ancient royal family (excluding those that magically escaped under "Ishmael", the Jews stoned Jeremiah to death.    

The other, a rich and detailed set of accounts state that upon seeing the barabarity of the Persians in systematically executing the Royal family and nobles did "take" a royal princess away from the Persian guards and spirit her to the ancestral home of ancient Kings in Ireland.    

Prophet Jeremiah along with Princess Tamar, Baruch (the editor of the first Old Testament), boarded a ship belonging to the Iberian Danaan at the Port of Baal-Boaz (now Bilboa), along with a massive, strongly-secured and mysterious Chest or Case, which they regarded with the utmost reverence and guarded with jealous care, a Golden-colored Flag or Banner, having blazoned upon it the device of the Red Lion of Jerusalem, and a large rough Stone.    

In or about the year 593-592 B.C. (some four years after the Destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar), they arrived at the Port in the North-East of Ireland, now known as Carrickfergus.    

At the time Eochaid Heremon ("Heremon," or Head King of Ireland), son of Ailill Finn, from the line of Firbolgs and therefore the Ui Cualann of the South, the Holy Ones and traditional divine kings of Ireland, was a legendary High King of Ireland. He became king when his father was killed by Airgeatmhar and his ally, Duach Ladhgrach.    

Jeremiah presented the last of the bloodline of the Kings of Judah in the form of Princess Tamar including the Stone of Destiny, the stone upon which all the kings of Jerusalem had been anointed, the Ark of Akhenaten (Moses), the royal harp of Kings and their dynastic symbol as well as the royal colours of the ancient Jerusalem lion.    

To King Eochaid of the Ui Cualann, the gifts themselves, let alone the gift of yet another royal bloodline was a momentous and historic event. However, the Prophet Jeremiah did not release them until the King swore to rid Ireland of the ancestral practices taken from the time of the Ugarit exiles of worship to Baal (Satan), of human sacrifice, cannibalism and the worship of blood.    

King Eochaid agreed in a historic act and renamed the capital Ath Cliath i Cualu to Tara “Torah” which means Hill of Law.    

Furthermore he instituted a more regular form of government, promulgated just laws and statutes fixed and regulated the feasts according to Prophet Jeremiah’s instructions, and founded schools; thus laying the foundations of that collegiate and advanced educational system known to have existed in Ireland long into the Christian era.    

The rough, square Stone, brought with the Princess, also played an important part in the marriage ceremony, for the royal couple of King Eochaid and Princess Tamar were united before this "Stone of Destiny" as a silent witness of their solemn union; and they were subsequently crowned upon it.    

The impact of Jeremiah in uniting Ireland was never forgotten and upon his death he was venerated as Irelands first “saint” buried on Devenish Island, the "Holy Isle" in the Lower Lough Erne, two miles from Enniskillen upon which no private house was ever permitted, then or since. You can still see the ruins of an ancient Priory and a still older Abbey - in the latter of which the sarcophagus of Jeremiah the Prophet may still be seen.

-----  Nehemiah and loss of power  -----
How do you stop people who worship Dagon and Cybele as Satan and Astarte and sacrifice women and children?    

The Persians like all educated races that respect the value of truth and despise duplicity and hidden evil behaviour, they despised the ancient behaviours of human sacrifice.    

While the wicked ways of the Akkadians had been defeated, the Israelites remained stubbornly fixated in their adherence to blood sacrifice and Satanism.    

The Persians, the ancestors of the Iranians were also people who could be ruthless and there can be no doubt that wise King Nebuchadnezzar would have contemplated the complete genocide of the Jews as one “final solution” to the problem of such evil practices.    

In contrast, he chose a carrot and the stick approach by sending Jeremiah with scribes and an elite escort accompanied by a brand new set of religious texts called the Books of Moses, the Torah to try and convince the Jews to end their evil ways.    

The challenge for Jeremiah in trying to save the Jews at the time of his evangelism is not entirely clear until you fully appreciate the level of evil that was in full swing in Jerusalem and throughout the province.    

The ancient worship of Baal aka Dagon aka Satan was in full operation, with Temple orgies, drug and wine fuelled rituals in which people were sacrificed and their blood and flesh eaten.    

The Temple priests with their mitre hats, celibate eunichs overseeing wickedness and frenzy.    

It is so abhorrent to consider that such activities were so openly practices with almost daily frequency around 620 BCE that for many historians and scholars, it simply is easier to reject such notions out of hand.    

And yet, littered throughout the works of Jeremiah and his scribe are frequent albeit political desensitized references to exactly what was going on. In several locations of his scripture we still have listed references that directly speak of false idol worship and human sacrifice.    

Of course, to Biblical scholars, these are subjects that are completely taboo and off limits for discussion. The reason is simply this 620 BCE is an extremely recent time frame. When you consider that the Greek were writing about higher society, when Pythagorus and the ancient philosophers were writing, here are the Jews sacrificing their own first born children and other poor souls while engaging in wild orgies re-dedicated to Satan.    

There is no way of avoiding it. It is written as clearly as anything is written in the Bible. So the only way to address the issue is to not address it, refuse to acknowledge it and preferably find a way to change the subject.    

But back to Jeremiah, his challenge was enormous. For in considering the pedigree of these rituals of human sacrifice and cannibalism, they represented not recent innovations, or event the adoption of the practices of former conquerors but the very first rituals of the people of Ugarit, the people of YHWH, the Israelites.    

His solution, presumably discussed and planned by his former captives the Babylonians was brilliant- to effectively re-write the history of the Israelites, thus eliminating the history of Ugarit, of satan worship as the State religion and re-interpret through stories why such practice is no longer acceptable to God.    

The Babylonians had long overcome their ancient traditions of human sacrifice through embracing Zoroastrianism, a combination of Essene inspired universal monotheism with re-interpreted fertility rituals.    

No longer did good followers sacrifice people, but small animals to their gods. No longer did they drink the blood of their victims and their flesh, but drank ceremonial wine and bread.    

It is certain that the Babylonian intellectuals as other intellectuals around the ancient world considered such open and rampant practices an abhoration and supremely evil.    

The re-interpretation of history was a brilliant idea that drew upon the general history of the ancient Ebla and Ugarit and the mixed values, including the story of Akhenaten now as Moses and was extremely well written.    

In re-reading Genesis and Exodus in light of trying to end the practice of Satan worship and human sacrifice of the Israelites, and considering the existence of Zoroastrianism at the time (620 BCE) the example of God calling on Abraham not to sacrifice his first born, but use an animal is a wonderful parable, with real theological merit.    

For most people today who are totally unaware of the parallel hidden stream of Satanism that even exists unto this day, the story of Abraham being called to sacrifice his first born son Isaac makes no sense, if God is a loving god. Indeed, the story remains to modern Christians totally unaware of the past a section that causes great anguish in their faith.    

Nor do the phrases in the Old Testament concerning God being a “jealous God” make any sense unless you are seeking to change the behaviour of an elite priesthood and wealthy upper class addicted to the power and pleasure of such wicked practices.    

Sadly, the Bible and history both tell us that he was unsuccessful in his endeavours to persuade by prophecy and in the end, the Babylonians followed up in force and slew all the evil and wicked Israelite satan worshippers they could find.    

The story has been modified now so that the motives of the Babylonians, the relationship between Jeremiah as their emissary of impending doom and even his life after the destruction of Jerusalem are all mixed around. Yet there is sufficient thread of truth there so that it can be seen for what it was.    

While the Essenes in later years were bitter that such mythical stories had become belief and truth, they were not written for an evil cause, but in an attempt to defeat evil.    

It would take the full force of the Persian Army along with a pre-packaged liturgy called the Babylonian Talmud two hundred years through Nehemiah and Ezra to finally establish a quasi-noble religion of the Jews.    

When the Jeremiah mission failed, King Nebuchadnezzar did what any enlightened person would be expected to do, he destroyed the Temple of Satan, killed the wicked priests and banished the survivors to slavery around the Persian Empire.

-----  The arch-enemy of the Sadducees  -----

The traditional arch enemies of the Sadducees were the true priest-king lines of the Essenes, dating back to the great exodus of Ugarit from 1240 BCE and even further back to the exodus from Ebla around 2230 BCE.

Because at the time of the Assyrian invasion most of the priest families fled to Egypt and created the Great Temple of Elephantine Island in Egypt, the Sadducees remained bitter to being left to the cruelty and clutches of the Assyrians.

Once Jeremiah and Baruch had created a new mythology around the concept of Moses, they had their own theology to contest against the historical evidence and longevity of the Essenes.

However, it wasn’t until the time of Nehemiah that the Essenes were forced to comply to new rituals such as Passover. Again they rejected such impositions as lies and Nehemiah orchestrated the destruction of the longest serving temple to god.

Another vitally important fact that is deliberately hidden in history is the long and ancient pedigree of the Sadducees. They are the descendents of the fabulously wealthy and well connected traders known as the Phoenicians.

Their spiritual home might have now been Jerusalem as well as Syria, but these people were the first truly international club of extreme conspicuous consumption. They built themselves expensive summer and winter palaces. They imported food and wines and precious products from all around the world and they lived life as if there was no tomorrow.

Apart from being the first global elite mass consumers and apart from inventing the mindset of complete selfish mass consumption that we see flourishing today, they should also be credited with the most brilliant invention – spiritual deception.

Spiritual deception is without a doubt one of the most ingenious creations of the ancient world by the Sadducees. For upon the threat of execution by the Persians, then the Greeks and the Romans for satanic worship, the Sadducees adopted the outer appearance of sanctity and piety of the Pharisees and Essenes, while still maintaining their secret ceremonies and lavish lifestyle.

While today, such duplicity of mind is considered common place and with many examples, most often associated with Christian church officials over the past two thousand years.

But what must be remembered, that such duplicity of mind- to maintain a consistent outer exterior of holiness, of a completely convincing act of piety, while doing the exact opposite in private such as sacrificing small children and cannibalism required an extraordinary mind set without precedence in the ancient world.

People were either openly good or evil. Such deception using religion and holiness as a mask for satanic worship was unheard of. However, as Sadducees continued to perfect the open lie, the lie itself became a tremendous source of power, particularly in securing the unwavering loyalty of those brought into the inner circle and therefore exposed to the deceit.

A similar example is to be found when certain parents molest their children while maintaining the outer appearance of being perfect parents. The act of being perfect parents can often help suppress the truth and force the compliance of the abused son or daughter for years.

So too, the Sadducees found by the time of Jesus that they could virtually act with impunity by maintaining the outer appearance of holiness, yet continue their lavish, evil behaviors in private.

For it was virtually impossible to combat and defeat someone so completely two faced (like the God Janus) who both argues and defends themselves as holy people, yet acts with such evil in the secrecy of the temple and/or their home.

Through the House of Ananus and Paul of Tarsus, this was to be their shining legacy to the human race in the first formation of Christianity.

Even today, the Sadduceean legacy of evil cloaked as goodness as religious mind is virtually impossible to detect, or to defeat until actual proof is discovered.

Again in testament to the brilliance of the sociopathic mindset of the Sadducees, whenever one is found, their actions are isolated as a fault of themselves, of being tempted and weak, never the system or the culture.

Therefore, so long as the culture created by the High Priests who crucified Jesus, who murdered his family, who destroyed and suppressed the true message of Jesus, who subjugated millions as “sheep”, who condemned millions of souls to a trapped torment in the afterlife, it remains “business as usual”.


 The Nazarenes (Gnostics) 

Chapter 1-The Truth Bringers
Chapter 2-The Nazarenes
Chapter 3-The Divine Holly Spirits
Chapter 4-Knowledge and blood
Chapter 5-The Essenes and Nazarenes
Chapter 6-Hubris of wisdom
Chapter 7-The end of the Nazarenes

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