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Origin of Talmudic Law

Talmudic Law is the world's first fictional, fraudulent and inequal system of written Law formed in a custom designed black (satanic) magic curse language called Hebrew first introduced by Menesheh High priest Baba Rabban in the year 333 in the form of the Mishnah at the proclaiming of the Sarmatian state of Israel.

Upon ascending to the throne, BabaRab I abolished the title of Shah as the ancient name of the Emperor of Persia and instead was crowned as “BaalKhan” or “Balkhan” meaning “God-King” and “masya” (messiah) of the Aryans.

BabaRab, also known as “Baba Rabban”, also introduced a range of historic innovations to the religion of Manes to control and eliminate division, including:

(i)A new “secret” language for the scriptures was commissioned known as Ebri (Hebrew) meaning “the path; the crossing (of knowledge)” with all scripture to henceforth be written in Ebri; and

(ii) New scriptures added to the Misdah called Gamara, with gam meaning "step to, come to" and ara meaning "prayer, praise (to gad)"; and

(iii) Summary text called Talmud, with tal meaning "many" and mud meaning "to cry, to groan"; and

(iv)A new priest class known as the Rab and “Rabbi” meaning “master, teacher of gad” were commissioned to translate the scripture from Ebri (Hebrew) to the people; and

(v)Seytan (Satan) was renamed Sabaoth, or “Lord of Hosts” and his name and identity was forbidden to be spoken or revealed, except by the most senior priests. Instead, the common people were to use the ancient Persian word “gadan” or “gad” meaning “one who overpowers, defeats, injures or rapes”; and

(vi)Faithful were required to now kneel on a prayer rug and bow down in daily prayers and worship the ruins of Babel (Babylon) as the original home of “gad” or “god”, praising his name; and

(vii)Devout were required to now wear a knitted woollen skull cap called a “kapi” from the ancient Persian word for “monkey” to identify themselves as servants of “gad” or “god” and especially during prayers and ceremonies; and

(viii) Slaves and bonded workers (boda/bode) do not really possess a soul (Ahu-Man), so they do not reincarnate. Therefore, boda/bode may be lawfully treated as less than domestic/farm animals. Only Hu-Man (human) possess an animal soul and Ba-Man (brahman) who possess a superior spiritual soul reincarnate.

Origin of Talmudic Law

Talmudic Law was created by the Ba'al (the Devil) worshipping Menesheh in the 4th Century in direct response to the creation of Christian Law. Thus under Baba Rabban, the whole of Palestine became the state of Israel and was divided into twelve (12) administrative districts administered by the Head priest of a priestly family of the Menes-Heh as an administrative advisor being:

(i) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Asher under R. Ashi b. Abin; and    
(ii) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Benjamin under R. Benjamin b. Jephet; and    
(iii) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Dan under R. Daniel b. Kattina; and    
(iv) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Ephraim under R. Ephraim b.Papa; and    
(v) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Gad under R. Gaddal b. Menashia; and    
(vi) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Issachar under R. Isaac b. Samuel; and    
(vii) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Judah under R.Judah b. Menasiah; and    
(viii) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Levi under R. Levi b. Hama; and    
(ix) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Manesseh under R. Menashiah b. Tahalifa; and    
(x) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Naphtali under R. Nappaha; and    
(xi) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Simeon under R. Simeon b. Lakish; and    
(xii) The Menes-Heh Tribe of Zebulun under R. Zebida; and    
(xiii) And the 13th Tribe, the tribe of Wolves, the Menes-Heh Tribe of Reuben under R. Papa also known as Baba Rabban.

Unlike the The Septuagint of Christian Law that sought to encourage honor, charity, honesty and peace, the Mishnah of the Menesheh sought to teach their young hatred, mistrust, sociopathy and mental illness to hate themselves and everything else. Thus the claimed pact of the Talmud was with Sabaoth representing the "head demon", whereby the Rabbi would rule the earth with every possible evil and subterfuge, while their deity sought to control heaven.

In the 6th Century King Julianus ben Sabar of Israel ordered the writing of an anti-law against the Codex Justinianus called the Gemara, as the second unholy instalment of the Talmud.

Talmud Eschatology and formal end of Talmud

While the contents of the Talmud have been written and re-written over the centuries, including the forbiddance to speak honestly of its contents, Talmudic Law makes clear the signs of the end times and the end of the blood covenant:

(i) Upon a tribulation of three and half years or twelve hundred and sixty years based in the interpretation of Da'vid scripture; and    
(ii) When six (million) have been sacrificed for the covenant as a holocaust being a burnt offering to Moloch, one of the names of the G-d of the Talmud; and
(iii) True and overwhelming Knowledge of the G-d will be revealed; and
(iv) The Law will be restored; and
(v) The Dead shall rise; and
(vi) A messiah will come in accordance to the criteria of prophecy; and
(vii) Israel will be restored and the people permitted to return to the homeland, only after all the other signs have come.

As the Sabbatean and Ashkenazi elite families ensured the formation of the state of Israel in 1948, it is clear that those Magyar descendents who continue to claim ownership and control of the world believe the Talmud ended as a covenant and law through their deliberate and premeditated actions against the Menesheh Diaspora in World War II.

As the state of Israel was formed in 1948, then either (A) legally all aspects of the Talmud have either been fulfilled and the covenant no longer has any effect as a new covenant has been formed, or (B) the Sabbatean and Ashkenazi elite families are the worst criminals of any religious based legal system in the history of all civilizations and the Talmud is still in effect.

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