Monday, November 19, 2012

The Jewish Gulag

 Written by JB Campbell 11-18-12

The Jewish plan must be understood.  Not endlessly analyzed and over-diagnosed and exploited to demoralize the sheep for fund-raising purposes, as in the notorious case of Phony Jones.  Jones runs a multi-million dollar Jew-friendly agit-prop center from Austin, Texas.  His advertisers, his bankers and his legal team are all Jews, several tied to the Bronfman syndicate.

Has his audience become impatient for some suggestion of how to handle the coming crackdown, other than supporting Infowars with even more money?  It’s difficult to know whom to shoot when the bad guys are called “globalists.”  Or “eugenicists.”  “Illuminati” was bad enough.

I think Phony Jones pooped in his mess kit last week.  In the big flurry of secession petitions, Jones was playing catch-up.  The parade had taken off without him and he hastened to find the front of it so he could jump in and lead it.  Why?  Because it was no-risk resistance, really right up his alley.  More talk-talk and no suggestion of violence – at least on our part.

He recognized that the idea of secession carries some risk of violence but he made sure that the dictatorship would not feel threatened.  He cried, “Let them occupy us!  Let them in!  Let them rape the women!”  At that point, he realized he had overdone it and tried to backpedal, but he couldn’t un-ring that incredible, treacherous bell.

Phony Jones prefers to be the power behind the one taking the risk, as we see with his relationship with Jesse Ventura.  Now, I think Ventura does a hell of a job with his television show and to give him his due, Jones has provided information against FEMA and the Department of Horse Shit.  But it has been information intended to scare people into supporting and contributing to Jones’ Jew-friendly business.

Jones uses words such as “resistance” and “revolution,” but always adds – “We’re not going physical. We can’t go physical.  We have to be info-warriors.”  That puts him in charge of the do-nothing, talk-talk opposition to the dictatorship, which includes the Bronfman syndicate.  The John Birch Society pioneered this form of fake opposition to Jewish Rule:  Never, never-never say the word “Jew.”

Jones continued his usual plan, now demanding that Ron Paul be put in charge of the phony secessionist movement.  Now, here’s a mild-mannered guy even older than me who couldn’t bring himself to discuss vote fraud during the GOP primary circus – vote fraud that clearly robbed him of the nomination.  A guy who is unable to identify Israel as the main perpetrator of 9/11 and the USG as the sayan.  Ron Paul has never been able to identify the Jewish Problem despite having been immersed in Jewish sewage in DC for decades.  He supports the US Constitution and the gold standard and government borrowing from private lenders, the three main pillars of Jewish control of the US government.  In other words, the perfect front-man for Phony Jones to lead another no-win contest with the Jews.

I doubt that Ron Paul is dumb enough to be Phony Jones’ front-man in an ill-conceived attempt at secession.

This short message was sent out to friends yesterday regarding the enthusiastic support for secession around the country:

“We can't have secession without revolution.  There is no safe or peaceful way for white people to opt out - and that's what we're really talking about.  Let's get that dreamy idea out of our heads.

“The Rhodesians declared independence from the empire - I helped.  America killed that attempt.  They were friendly to America and had a declaration of independence from England just like ours.  America unleashed the terrorists on them.  There will be no secession as long as the American government is alive.  America does not tolerate independence anywhere, anytime.  Ask the Confederates and the Plains Indians.  Ask the Germans, the Hungarians and the Palestinians.

“We have to overthrow the Jewish American government.  There is no substitute for violence.  It's how America became a country, which the usurpers try to get us to forget, as soon as they get on the throne.”

The world’s first secession was that of the thirteen English colonies.  It was the result of a violent revolutionary war that lasted from 1775 to 1783.  The colonists would not have won without the great help of France, Holland and Spain – particularly France.

(France was financially ruined by its support of the Americans and within a half-dozen years was destroyed by the first Jewish/Masonic overthrow of a government, known as the Reign of Terror, the death-toll of which exceeded a million souls.  Of the 39,000 Jews then living in France, none is known to have been killed.  Au contraire – the alien nation was guaranteed protection, though not citizenship, by the revolutionary Masonic leadership, which was controlled by the Rothschild syndicate.  Papers found in Robespierre’s desk revealed his plan to exterminate up to 15 million of France’s 25 million people.  He and his terrorists were slaughtering thousands of people per week by, along with other methods, placing them in barges and then sinking them in the Seine.  The fusillades referred to binding and lining up class enemies and firing a cannon ball through them all, thus saving balls.  The terrorists were constantly trying new and more efficient methods of extermination before they themselves went to the guillotines.)

The world’s first war for secession was successful on one level but as we know resulted in the new country’s banking system being handed over to the Rothschild syndicate for two twenty-year charters.  The colonists had been under the Jewish syndicate since the 1660s and remained so after the revolution.

The world’s second attempt at secession started in 1861 and we know how that ended.  The death toll for that attempt at a new country, now revised as exceeding 800,000, may have had its roots in a proposal – a toast, really – at the 1857 London wedding of the sister of James and Lionel Rothschild.  Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish prime minister, raised his glass and is quoted as having said, “If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts… one for you, James and one for you, Lionel.”

The reputed architect of secession in America was a Rothschild relative, Judah P. Benjamin, who famously held three offices in the Confederate government under Jefferson Davis:  attorney general, secretary of state and war.  He was captured at the coast by federal soldiers while trying to escape to England.  When they found out who he was, Benjamin was allowed to leave.  The architect of secession and arch traitor to the US.  Jeff Davis received somewhat harsher treatment, kept in a dungeon in Ft. Monroe, Virginia for two years, sometimes with his feet chained to the floor, constantly under the threat of execution by hanging.  Benjamin became a celebrity in London as a Queen’s Counsel and then retired comfortably in Paris.

This should show us the basic difference between Jews and Gentiles and how each is treated in the United States.

The subject of this essay is the Jewish gulag.  GULAG is an acronym of the Russian words for Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps but has come to stand for slave prisons and death camps run by the dictatorship.  The word was made famous by a former gulag inmate, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in two books about his life inside, titled The GULAG Archipelago.  Volume 2 broke all the rules of Jew protection by supplying names and photographs of all of the sadistic camp commandants.  Every one was a Jew and identified as such.  The Jewish system worked millions upon millions of class enemies and dissidents to death from 1917 to the late ‘80s.

In Volume 1 he told about the millions of Russian and East European victims of Eisenhower’s Operation Keelhaul who thought they’d escaped Communism but were betrayed by Ike, who ordered them rounded up by American and British soldiers after the war.  Put in boxcars and shipped east where some were executed as they got off the train in Hungary, most went into the gulag to be worked to death in a month or so.  Estimates are five to six million people, including children.  All this while the Allies tried German heroes for imaginary crimes against humanity – and hanged them.

Solzhenitsyn himself had been tortured in the Lubianka and then sent to the gulag in ‘45 for a letter to a friend in which he criticized Stalin’s conduct of the war, referring to the tyrant with a Yiddish word.  He got eight years for being a loyal soldier on the Eastern Front.

Archipelago means a group of islands.  It refers to the hundreds of slave camps for dissidents scattered around the Soviet Union, the biggest located in the coldest and harshest climates in the world.  It can also be used to describe the Palestinian “state.”

We’ve all seen the four-part map of Palestine showing its disintegration since 1948, the year the Jews changed its name to Israel.  Today, Palestine is an archipelago of tiny, disconnected islands of misery cut off in many places by the hideous Jewish wall and totally infested by dirty, armed Jewish fanatics.  The biggest island is the living hell of Gaza – 25 miles long and 3.5 to 7.5 mile wide.  With a million and a half prisoners inside, it is nothing but a concentration camp modeled on one of the Arizona reservations – except it’s elbow-to-elbow.  Jews like living elbow-to-elbow in their crappy apartments, but normal people don’t.

Gaza, if you still need it, is proof that the Nazis were correct in trying to isolate these people from humanity.  When Jews are left to their own devices and subsidized by Christian fools, they revert to their age-old character:  sadistic monsters who delight in making humans suffer.  Read Leviticus and Deuteronomy, even if these Khazars are converts to that demented philosophy of life.  They possess the zeal of the convert.

A friend in Canada, Lonnie T., wrote this today and I can’t improve on it:

“I think its important to point out the reason for failure of any culture which has stood up to these people throughout the centuries.

“It’s clear we cannot round them all up and give them their own area in remote Russia, or the like.  Didn't work.

“It’s clear we cannot legally ban them from positions of influence, that has not worked because as the next generation comes up they forget and allow them back in.

“It’s clear we cannot throw them out of whatever country we call ‘ours’ because they do same to other countries and eventually weasel their way back into our own.

“Even if you try to kill them off they go ‘underground,’ wait it out and start over. 

“So it’s perfectly clear at this point the only solution that appears to not have been taken is to of course put ‘em 6 feet under, but also ram it into our children's heads that if they or their children or their grandchildren, etc. etc. EVER see any sign of the behavior of Judaism popping up in any manner it needs to be mercilessly eradicated.  Any Jews that scurried to dark corners to hide and wait must know if they EVER show any sign of this behavior or if they manipulate others to act on their behalf they will be dealt with swiftly and brutally.  Trials be damned. If you see it, bury it.

“This needs to be written. Even the informed need to KNOW what has not worked because they are not getting it either. They are not as informed as they think they are. Too many are still naively seeking a peaceful solution. %$#@&& I'm so pissed off at Christians for this crap. Religion must die with the Jews.

“I know you have stated some of this here and there in different essays but I believe its very important to dedicate an essay to clarifying these points. Sadly it needs to be spelled out even to the Jew-wise. Maybe most of all to the Jew-wise.”

Lonnie is totally normal.  I consider myself totally normal.  We’re clearly not average but we are normal, with normal responses to deadly threats.  I can guarantee that you do not want to mess with Lonnie, whether you’re Mossad, RCMP, FBI, SEAL – you will probably lose the encounter.  And he means what he says about Jews.  They have to be killed before they kill us.

I know that there are guys like Lonnie in Gaza tonight, waiting for the Merkava tanks to get a little closer before lifting the RPGs to their shoulders and squinting through the sights.

The monster is Judaism.  Every few months we are confronted with the reality of Judaism, which is its need to kill defenseless people.  Their literature plainly promotes this.  Judaism's priests teach genocide.  Judaism is a cult of war against humanity.

Judaism controls the American murder machine, which has made it possible for them to kill millions just since '91.  But Judaism likes to do a little of its own killing when its victims can't fight back.  Judaism is afraid to attack Lebanon again but thinks little Gaza is the perfect victim.  Judaism presented Gaza's leader with a peace plan and murdered him from overhead while he was reading it.  This has always been and will always be the Jewish method.

Judaism wants to wipe out its enemies, which means pretty much everyone.  American Judaism is the most dangerous but it's the same wherever we find them.

America's chief rabbi, Stephen Wise, confessed in 1935, "Some call it Marxism - I call it Judaism!"  Don't call it Zionism - call it what it is:  Judaism.

Our lives will never be viable until Judaism is wiped out, just as Judaism means to do to us.  We can do this, once we understand what must be done.

The Jews have given the green light to the military and police to treat us like Palestinians, with no mercy.

Palestine – Gaza – is the Jewish gulag archipelago.  We now know that there is also a Jewish American gulag archipelago made up of standard federal and state slave prisons but now with an archipelago of FEMA concentration camps and CIA/army torture centers.  Recent events in New York and New Jersey have revealed a number of these foul and freezing camps.  But accidentally-released army field manuals have given us the facts about military concentration camps and re-education centers designed to make dissidents and other detainees “support the government program.”

Another Canadian friend, Terry L., sent a great discussion on Press TV by a Wall Street guy named Joachim Martillo.  He identifies the source of Wall Street corruption:  It’s the Jews.  He repeats this several times and says if we don’t recognize the Jewish nature of the corruption, it can’t be fixed.

So let’s do that.  Let’s recognize the Jewish nature of American corruption so we can fix it.  Unfortunately, since it’s the root of government criminality, again, it cannot be fixed in a legal, lawful manner, Mr. Martillo to the contrary.  It can only be fixed by killing the criminals, since they have so damn much money.  They have all of our money!  That’s why we can’t stop them legally.  They use our money to pay off the cops and judges.  There just isn’t enough time to change two hundred years of Jewish corruption with some no-hope, legalistic garbage.

We only have the rest of our lives to fix things and that’s not very long.


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Shoot, most people are afraid to kill a chicken for their own dinner, for God's sake, and can't even stand to watch, what makes you think they will kill a jew?

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So you mean if we wipe out Christianity we will be ok? Sounds like a good deal for the Jews.

How much do you get out of it?

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How wonderful that the human being can not live beyond 100 years or so. What a wicked creature he is.