Wednesday, October 10, 2012

US Govt Massacres Virginia Family: Blamed On Obama Re-Election After So-Called ‘Killer’ Threatens To Expose US Govt Secrets

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die  “Several of my former colleagues were and still are Blackbird employees. They do a lot of recruiting in FBNC,” says a retired special operator, using the acronym for U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s home base of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. “Their business is heavily weighted towards the dark side.”

From The Daily Mail linked below:  ‘He said he wanted to expose something at work’

The United States govt has massacred an entire family in the state of Virginia while the mainstream media has blamed it upon the murder-suicide of ‘a man distraught over the potential re-election of Barack Obama‘ after the so-called killer, Albert Peterson, threatened to expose govt. secrets.

Massacred by dark forces within the US govt were 13 year old Christopher Peterson, 16 year old Matthew Peterson and their parents, Albert and Kathleen Peterson. Both Kathleen and Albert had been employed by ‘highly secretive’ defense contractors Blackbird Technologies and Northrop Grumman. Blackbird Technologies, an offshoot of the infamous Blackwater/XE paramilitary group, is run by ex-CIA and Blackwater spook Cofer Black and is responsible for ‘tracking’targets of US Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities, including Osama bin Laden. It’s also believed that Blackbird Tech is responsible for tracking Americans on Barack Obama ‘secret kill list’.

Though the mainstream media was quick to push the cover-up that Albert Peterson was suicidal and depressed over the potential re-election of Barack Obama, the likelihood of a long time employee of Northrup Grumman with Top Secret security clearances falling into the category of a suicidal killer are highly unlikely. If they knew he was mentally unstable, why would the government have allowed him to maintain the Top Secret security clearance that he still had?

“Peterson had recently lost a beloved uncle to suicide, and reportedly battled mental illness himself – including severe paranoia – for years.”

According to a neighbor who had met with the family at a picnic earlier in the day of the massacre:

Neighbor Jeremy Wilcox told local news radio station WTOP that the family had attended a community picnic together on Sunday and “showed no signs of any problem.”

Pictured below are Albert Peterson and his wife Kathleen and their two sons, murdered by highly secretive elements within the US government over Albert’s threats to expose top secret information that he had at work, according to The Daily Mail.

Kathleen Peterson had been employed by Blackbird Technologies, an offshoot of the infamous Blackwater/XE paramilitary group run by ex-CIA spook Cofer Black, who also happened to be the VP of Blackbird Technologies. According to Blackbird Technologies own website: Blackbird Technologies, Inc. is a technology solutions provider whose mission is to solve challenging problems for customers in the Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Communities. We apply our technical expertise, innovation, and operational experience to meet our customers’ unique and complex challenges. Blackbird’s core competencies are: Tagging, tracking, and locating expertise, including experience with technical systems that provide a clear picture of operational assets and targets Customized hardware and software development combined with quick-reaction, rapid-prototyping capabilities Specialized communications, including devices and networks that are global, secure, and reliable—even in hostile environments Information security solutions, including offensive and defensive capabilities that keep systems protected and data safe Blackbird’s engineers, scientists, researchers, and analysts develop practical, field-ready solutions designed to address the toughest issues facing our customers. We successfully meld science with robust and reliable communications technology; fuse data and create multi-level data dissemination systems; and develop specialized networks that meet stringent requirements for reliability, security, and attribution. We may never know what information Albert Peterson had threatened to expose about the US government but we do not that a highly orchestrated cover-up is now in progress. The propaganda mainstream media is playing their usual part and the ‘usual candidates’ linked back to the mercenary army of Blackwater/XE and the CIA are scurrying away to the woodwork after they’ve brutally massacred a lovely family, including two teenage boys who will be dearly missed by their classmates and community. The videos below tell this twisted tale from several different angles. What do you believe, that a man who threatens to expose govt secrets would thereafter slaughter himself and his family due to his fears over Obama being re-elected or was he massacred for threatening to expose top secret govt info, such as Obama’s secret kill list? Knowing the players involved and their track record of lies, the answer is clear to me.

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